Singing Lessons

John with Emma Arnold following her distinction at Grade 8 Singing

As a singing teacher (vocal coach/voice trainer), I have a passion for the sound of the human voice in all its wonderful variety.  Every voice is unique, but every singer needs to master the same fundamental techniques in order to use the voice effectively and expressively.  People come to me for singing lessons and voice coaching at all stages of their vocal development, from outright beginners to seasoned professionals.  I always aim to combine technical improvements with musical outcomes, as I believe these two factors are indivisible in good voice training.  Whilst I treat every student very much as an individual, I always aim to instill good habits of posture, breathing, support, tone, diction and sensible care of the voice. 

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Most of my teaching focuses on classical singing, European art song, opera, musicals, and choral music.  I am experienced in preparing singers for examinations and professional auditions in a wide variety of styles and genres.  A number of my students have won places to study at UK conservatoires including The Royal College of Music, The Royal Northern College of Music, The Royal Welsh Academy of Music, and Birmingham Conservatoire.  Others have won Oxbridge choral awards and cathedral choral scholarships. 

John with Sebastian Carrington, proudly displaying his certificate for Grade 8 Singing (passed with distinction at just ten years old - a remarkable achievement for any boy treble!)

I do most of my teaching from home in Aylestone, Leicester.  I often play the piano to accompany students, but sometimes there is no substitute for listening to the voice without any distractions!  I have recording facilities and can make demo tracks and rehearsal CDs for you to practise with at home.  I have a large library of sheet music, and will always be able to find you songs that you will enjoy singing.  My partner Roxanne is also a musician and teacher.  We have two teaching rooms and a separate waiting room with magazines and WC for your convenience.  Parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons if they wish, or use the waiting room, as they wish.



The larynx (or 'voicebox')

The larynx (or 'voicebox')


A typical lesson might include:

  • vocal warm-ups and technical exercises
  • developing good habits in posture and breathing
  • understanding the music in a song
  • improving your sung communication skills
  • developing the tone of your voice
  • extending your vocal compass & dynamic range
  • finding new songs to suit your voice
  • learning about melody, harmony and rhythm
  • developing your musical literacy (sight reading)
  • polishing your performance
  • preparing for your audience!

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I am available for: 

  • helping students to prepare for music exams or auditions
  • coaching individuals for a particular role in a play or musical
  • teaching vocal and breathing exercises and techniques
  • planning lessons and organising resources
  • instructing in melody, harmony and improvisation
  • tuition in music theory
  • organising performances for soloists or singing ensembles


To enquire about singing tuition, or to book a consultation lesson,

contact John via telephone on 07813 918769 or 0116 283 4968.

or email to

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I am Enhanced DBS-checked for working with children and vulnerable adults.  DBS documentation is available for inspection on request.